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Fee Schedule

Our fee schedule is currently hourly at a rate of $200 per hour.  It is impossible to specifically quote a charge for a specific service prior to the initial meeting, however the fee schedule below outlines our minimum fees for common services to help give you a general idea of what you can expect.    You will be billed for the initial meeting even if no work is required.  In addition to our fees, we will also bill for expenses incurred for travel, long-distance telephone, large batch photocopying, messenger or courier or postage charges, computerized legal research, or other out-of-pocket expenditures.

Estate Planning
Simple Will, Power of Attorney for Property, Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Living Wills $450.00 (single)

$600.00 (couple)

Joint Trust, Pourover Will, Power of Attorney for Property, Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Living Wills (couple) $1,800.00
Residential Transfer on Death Instrument $200.00
Deed in Trust $200.00
Residential Transfer on Death Instruments and Deeds in Trust subject to additional land record search fees and County recording fees
Purchase or Sale of Real Estate
Preparation of Contract, disclosures (if applicable), Deed, Plat Act Affidavit, PTAX-203, review title commitment and Settlement Statement (Buyer or Seller) $600.00
Above services with Shoaff & Vandeventer, LLC acting as closing agent *does not include additional expenses of transaction such as title insurance, appraisal, inspections, County fees, etc. $1,000.00
Review of documents only (typically for Buyer if Seller has own attorney to prepare transfer documents) $400.00
Probate – testate or intestate $3,500.00 min.
Small Estate Affidavit – document preparation only $200.00
 New cases and existing cases with payment plans $50.00 / case + 25% contingency fee of total amount collected
subject to signed contract between Attorney and Client
Existing cases deemed uncollectable $50.00 / case + $200.00 / hour
LLC / Corporation Establishment
Articles of Organization, apply for FEIN, Operating Agreement $1,200.00
After hours (any meetings, phone calls, text messages, or requested email correspondence after our posted business hours for the respective location) $300.00 / hour

All fees are minimum amounts and may change based upon each client’s specific needs.  All services are subject to additional fees for reimbursement of expenses including but not limited to postage, copies, Circuit Clerk fees, County Clerk fees, and mileage.